Breakaway from London housing march occupies 3 disused SE London flats

the void

aylesbury-bannerA break-away group from yesterday’s housing march has occupied three disused flats on the Aylesbury Estate in South East London and are calling on people for support.

Up to 4000 people braved the shitty weather yesterday to join the largest protest about the desperate shortage of genuinely affordable housing in London that the capital has seen so far.  At the end of the demonstration a boisterous group accompanied by a sound system headed down the Old Kent Road towards the Aylesbury Estate.  Despite a witless and half-hearted police presence the group managed to gain entry to several flats on the estate which are now being occupied with a neighbourhood assembly being called for 3pm today (Sunday).

The Aylesbury Estate is curently being ‘decanted’ as Southwark Council cosy up to property developers who want to build yet more yuppy flats on the site of these formerly working class homes.  Despite soaring…

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