In this article in the Indie, Saudi historian Dr Saleh el-Saadoon – male of course – enlightens us on his views on the House of Saud’s ban on women driving in the desert tyranny. Apparently, Saudi women getting driven around by male family members or guardians are being treated like “princesses” and should count themselves lucky.

And Western women, apparently, only drive because they don’t care about getting raped. There are so many things wrong with that statement on so many levels. When pressed by Nadeen Bdier – the unveiled women interviewing him – who pointed out Saudi women have been raped by their drivers, he gets even more insane and suggests foreign women be employed to drive Saudi women around (which would break present Saudi law).

Firstly, women get raped, beaten and killed in their own houses over there or by their drivers anyway, without even needing to leave the “protection” of their male overlords. The dead tyrant Abdullah also held some princesses prisoner too.

But given the al-Saadoon’s ridiculous argument about Saudi women being treated as “princesses” getting driven everywhere etc., I think it would be instructive to imagine the situation was reversed.

That is, if he was the de facto legal property of an old woman he found hideous, having been married off to this woman by his mother or the family matriarch with no real choice in the matter at the age of 13 or 14 – or possibly even younger – after having had virtually no education.

If he had to meet her demands for cunnilingus at every hour of the day and night (with little or no thought given to his pleasure, except perhaps when his wife feels like having another child), was kept prisoner in the woman’s house along with her other husbands/sex slaves, and could only leave on rare occasions when accompanied and driven by female guards and covering his face, supposedly for his own “protection” from lustful, uncontrollable women.

And if he deviates from any of these rules, or is sexually assaulted by another man or woman, he gets beaten, jailed or even beheaded – either by his wife’s family, by state-sanctioned morality police or by a state-sanctioned executioner with the authority of the Queen.

Would he feel like a prince then?