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House of Cards season 3 (Picture: Netflix/David Giesbrecht)

House of Cards season 3 lands on Netflix on February 27.

WARNING – This contains spoilers about House of cards season 1 and 2

The TV world has been landed with its most morally worrying President yet. But be honest – you cheered when Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood stood behind the desk in the Oval Office and executed his trademark knuckle-rap, didn’t you?

Putting aside his habit of murdering people, you kind of felt he deserved to be President. I mean, you can guarantee no-one wanted the job more than him.

So, Frank has achieved his life’s ambition. Where does the show go from there? Well, there are plenty of options, given the number of threads left hanging at the end of season two. Here are the questions that are still up in the air.

Did Doug survive?

House of Cards season 3

His skull was bashed in by Rachel and his…

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