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by Martin Odoni

Were there ever any doubt just how barbaric the modern Conservative Party has become, today’s events have surely blown that away once and for all. Their response to Ed Miliband’s correct, if somewhat vague, policy announcement to repeal the archaic and obsolete Non-Domicile Laws (‘Non-Doms’), created by William Pitt the Younger, has been to scream and dither and stammer. Their problem the Tories have of course is that there is no particular ethical or practical argument to be raised against the idea. There is nothing ‘immoral’ about insisting that people who have lived outside the country should pay full taxation once they are living inside its borders. Nor is there anything ‘impractical’ about it at a time when, the politicians all wrongly imagine, we ‘need to eradicate the public sector deficit’. A big chunk of extra tax revenue would fit that bill quite handsomely, and there are…

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