Just had this blog post drawn to my attention on Facebook:


As an Englishman not sure where to start with this.

“First, accept that the UK is one nation, that is indivisible. Therefore, cease treating the parts of the UK as if they were really countries.”

Has the author read the Good Friday Agreement – which states Northern Ireland will only remain in the Union so long as a majority backs it – or heard the British government’s position on the Scottish referendum? Or on Kosovo or the rest of the Balkans?

Also, with her reference to Ukrainem she thinks nationalists opposing Soviet oppression and colonial rule – including a famine earlier this century – were foolish then, and Ukrainian speakers should have just trusted that Yeltsin and Putin would have their best wishes at heart after the collapse of Communism?

What about the Baltic States, which were forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1945?

Plenty of the above would be utterly refuted by many unionist Scots: especially saying Scotland isn’t a country and shouldn’t have its own football team. And the rest of what she’s demanding has already been conceded by Westminster.

Indeed the peace settlement in Northern Ireland is based on the idea that the United Kingdom isn’t necessarily indivisible and self determination matters.

“allows its parts to have separate money and separate international football teams. ”

“Allows”? If she wants to propose an Act of Parliament to interfere in the running of football and abolish the Home Nations football teams she’s braver than me and I can guess it will fail, not least due to massive English opposition.

“Secondly, rule out any further referendums ever.”

Parliament can’t bind itself.