Overheard some “training” at the Job Centre today whilst on what I thought was a sign on day, but actually seemed to be a 40 min+ waste of time.

Some grey bearded guy who looked homeless lecturing a “Work Coach” about the “benefits culture”,  and the bollocks the John Rowntree Foundation discredited about generational unemployment.

And then about the risks to the long term unemployed after 14 weeks, trying to reassure her that “work experience” (forced labour replacing actual paid work, enforced by the threat of destitution) was fine, and the supposed benefits of work (all kinds of work? Does it matter if can you afford to rent even a room on it?) to your mental health and life expectancy.

Yeah, that’s why coal miners live longer than millionaires and royals is it? 😛 And no stressed executives ever have heart attacks or fall on their swords.

He also claimed he didn’t like working himself, but it seemed like he was rather enjoying slagging off poor and precariat families to me.

The sooner the jobs of people like that, gleefully plotting to enslave people in workfare or make people destitute and even homeless, are automated away, the better.

On that Job Centre, where someone once set themselves on fire outside:

For some reason that Job Centre is usually nice to me (Southern accent? Luck?), but even so without my parents and overdraft I could easily be either homeless (lodgers can be locked out without a court order) or desperately bargaining with my live-in landlords about my arrears by now since I haven’t been paid a penny of Housing Benefit since a temp job in April, and once in 2013 my Housing Benefit was suspended for two months after two days of work.